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Orthodontic treatments for private and NHS patients

Cassidy & McCreesh in Enniskillen have a range of teeth straightening treatments available to suit the needs of our patients. Get in touch to book a consultation today.

Creating beautiful smiles for over 25 years

At Cassidy & McCreesh we'll put you at ease and give you a personal and professional service. We are patient-focused and offer a wide range of treatments to straighten your teeth. There are a number of options available from traditional braces to cosmetic ones for private patients. Fixed metal braces are commonly used for NHS patients and children. Get in touch today to find a teeth straightening solution that will meet your needs.

Closeup portrait of a retired old woman with a lovely smile
A smiling teenager with dental braces, ECU. Image shot 2011. Exact date unknown

Traditional braces

Traditional braces are used for adults and children to help with crooked teeth or overcrowding. With fixed braces they are securely fixed onto the teeth and cannot be removed by the patient. This adds to their effectiveness as you cannot accidentally forget to wear them or lose them.

Virtually invisible cosmetic braces

Being confident in your smile can go a long way and help you in your work and social life. We understand that you may not be comfortable showing off braces as you smile, which is where our cosmetic options can help. One of our most popular options is Invisalign®, Smartee®. We also fit ceramic braces which blend in with your natural teeth.


At Cassidy & McCreesh we specialise in fitting cosmetic braces. Everyone’s teeth and situation is unique, so we will treat you as an individual, giving you a bespoke service. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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